Join us on Slack

Slack is a chat service used by companies and projects, including WordPress open source project. It’s free to join and use.

If you’re someone in the Monterey area who's attended the WordPress Monterey meetup (or wish you had), you’re encouraged to join the channel for friendly WordPress chatter, sharing, and support.

This channel is about building local community and supporting each other in working with WordPress, not making sales pitches or pushing products.

Getting Started With Slack

If you’re new to Slack, there are a few things to know:

  • You’ll access the chat either at or via a Slack mobile app or desktop program (recommended).
  • Each Slack team you belong to uses a different account. If you already belong to a Slack team, you’ll still need a new account for this team.
  • Users are automatically added to many “channels” (think chatrooms) including the general purpose #watercooler, #helpdesk for troubleshooting, and #meetups for events.
  • You can also Direct Message members of the community. This is useful for following up after a meetup or thanking someone for their help.